SSP: £74.99
Part No: TT4384SZ
TT eHawk 600 SC RTF

The eHawk 600 carries the DNA of the popular eHawk 1500 but in a lightweight ready to fly package. All the electronics are pre-installed in the sleek moulded plastic pod fuselage with a folding propeller to reduce drag. The wings and tails are moulded from foam to keep the weight to a minimum. Supplied in RTF format the eHawk 600 only requires minor assembly and charging to get airborne.

• ‘Ready to Fly’ Lightweight Glider
• 3 Channel SkyLink 2.4GHz Included
• All-In-One Speed Controller, Receiver and Servos
• Sleek Moulded Foam Glider Wing
• Efficient Folding Propeller
Duration 7 mins (Approx.)
Wingspan 629mm
Length 483mm
Weight 50g
Servos 2 (inc.)
Radio System 3 Channel (inc.)
LiPo 1S 150mAh 15C (inc.)

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