SSP: £12.99
Part No: P-FCWTC
Futaba WTR-7 Adaptor

With this cable every S.BUS receiver, whether S-FHSS, FASST or FASSTest, can be converted into a wireless teacher-student system. The S.BUS receiver to be used must have the same modulation type as the student transmitter and will be linked to it. Power is supplied via the connection cable from the trainer socket. Operation is possible on FX-22/32/36, T-14SG, T-18SZ / MZ. All settings are made as before in the trainer menu in the teacher sender. With this simple method it is now very easy to use a cross-modulation-type and wireless teacher-pupil operation. If the student transmitter is switched off, the software automatically switches to the control signal of the teacher sender, the teacher automatically has control of the model.

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