SSP: £16.99
Part No: P-FBC32D/4
Ripmax Tx/Rx 4.8-6volt NiCad/Ni-MH Charger (600/600mA Output)

This dual output charger has been developed to suit Futaba radios that use the lower voltage NiMH transmitter packs than most previous radios. Suitable radios include the 4YF, 6L, 6J, 8J, 10J, 12K, 14SG and 16SZ.

Both charger outputs are suitable for charging 4.8 or 6.0v Ni-MH battery packs, with a charge current of 600mAh and peak detect charge termination. Both output leads have standard Futaba sockets to suit receiver charging, but supplied complete with the charger is a transmitter adapter lead for use with the new lower voltage transmitters using NiMH batteries.
Connectors 2 x Futaba
Max Current 600mAh

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