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Part No: P-CB7XC
Futaba T7XC 7-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter Combo including R334SBS Rx

The T7XC was developed for car/boat modellers who want a premium stick style radio for land and water based modelling. The technology inside is largely based on the well known T7PX with some new features and this stylish new ergonomic case shape.

The case is a high quality moulding and is finished in a stunning deep satin black, accented by chrome mouldings and switches. The huge 4.3" colour touch screen has a 'transflective' surface for great visibility indoors and out. The screen is easy to use and responds quickly to the touch. There is also a jog dial if you prefer to navigate that way.

Using Futaba's fastest technology 'T-FHSS SR' the response has a ultra-fast frame rate of 2.45 milliseconds! This new system brings in a locked in feel and response that racers and performance drivers will truly appreciate. The T7XC is also compatible with Futaba T-FHSS, S-FHSS and FASST so you can select the preferred transmission system for each car to suit your requirements and budget. With T-FHSS telemetry the data can be displayed on the screen or relayed by a synthesized voice using the in-built speakers or headphones (not included).

The T7XC has the ability to update its software using an SD card but it also has NFC (Near Field Communication) which allows you to update the radio from an android phone just by opening an APP and placing it next to it! Just another way that Futaba is at the forefront of technology to make your hobby easier.

Full Colour Touch Screen LCD
Right in the center the T7XC has a HVGA 4.3", full-colour, backlit LCD touch screen. The screen is transflective to improve both indoor and outdoor visibility.

T-FHSS SR (Super Response) & Telemetry T-FHSS
In addition to the T-FHSS telemetry system, the T7XC has the new T-FHSS SR (Super Response) system with an ultra-fast processing speed to further improve control response. (Note: The SR system does not support telemetry function)

Updateable Software
The T7XC software can be updated easily using a microSD card. You can also save your model data to a microSD card and even save your telemetry log data.

Model memory for 40 models
The T7XC has 40 model memories and each can use names with up to 15 letters, numbers or symbols. You can even copy a model memory and modify the setup for different applications using the built in model copy function.

NFC communication
The technology is installed to allow future updates to be installed on the T7XC using NFC (Near Field Communication) with a compatible phone.

Integral Type Dial Switch
A switch with both dial (DL1) and switch (SW6) function are combined into one smart unit.

Brake Mixing for Large Cars
There is a built in brake mixing function allowing you to adjust bias between the front and rear wheels of 1/5 GP and other large cars with lots of adjustability.

Steering mixing
Smooth cornering is also possible by mixing independent left and right steering servos precisely.

4WS Mixing for Crawlers and other 4WS Cars
This function is most popular on rock crawlers but ti is also suited to other 4-wheel steering vehicles.

Dual ESC Mixing for Crawlers
You can control front an rear ESC independently in advanced rock crawlers.

Gyro Mixing
The sensitivity of Futaba car gyros can be adjusted from the T7XC directly.

Tank Mixing
This dual track mixing function is intended for vehicles such as tanks.

CPS Mixing
LED lighting and flashing control using the Futaba CPS-1 channel power switch can be matched to steering and throttle operation using a switch.

S.BUS Servo Settings
This is a special S.Bus function allows you to adjust/set parameters of certain Futaba S.BUS servos.

Futaba MC-Link
You can adjust parameters of certain Futaba speed controller MC960CR, MC950CR, MC850C, MC851C, MC602C, MC402CR, etc.

Throttle Speed
With modern high performance RC cars the sudden application of power on a slippery road surface will only cause the tires to spin and reduce drive. This setting allows you to adjust the throttle speed setting to apply power smoothly and easily. It also helps to reduce battery consumption.

Steering Speed
When you sense that a steering servo is too fast and you are loosing grip you can adjust the speed to help regain smooth control.

Non-telemetry LED
A LED will light to alert to you that the telemetry function is OFF and not operating.

Dial Select Function
This function allows you to assign specific functions to different controls (digital trim, dials or switches). You can also adjust the step (sensitivity) amount and change the operating direction.

Trim/Dial Lock Functions
You can lock specific functions to prohibit accidental adjustment.

Vibrator Built into the Grip
The vibrator can be set to activate using the racing timer lap navigation, time-up, a telemetry alarm or low battery warning.

Full Function List
• Display backlight brightness setting / dimming time setting / touch panel correction
• Information language setting / version information
• Sound setting (telemetry sound, alarm sound, operating sound)
• Battery type setting / auto power off
• Date and time setting / Displaying the time on the home screen or selecting the total timer
• LED Setting
• Steering wheel and throttle trigger calibration
• Software update with NFC
• Receiver update using Tx (R334SBS / R334SBS-E)
• Model select
• Model memory copy
• Model memory name (set / modify)
• Delete model data in SD card
• Data reset (Model, Direct menu, All)
• Receiver system / servo response selection / linking with T-FHSS SR & T-FHSS system receive / Telemetry ON / OFF
• Servo view, displaying servo operation
• Trigger neutral, brake and throttle servo rate adjustment
• Channel Reverse
• Sub trim, fine adjustment of the center position
• End point adjustment
• Fail-safe/Battery Fail-safe
• Acceleration, changes the 'lag time' of the throttle from the neutral position
• Trim / Dial selection
• Switch select, select which functions are operated
• Condition, 2nd condition settings
• Idle up at engine start
• D/R, ATL, Steering angle adjustment while running / Brake side adjustment
• Channel Limiter, a channel limiter function which limits maximum servo movement
• Channel Setting, ability to assign steering or throttle motion to any channel
• Curve (EXP), Steering curve adjustment / Throttle curve adjustment
• Servo speed, steering servo delay / Throttle servo delay
• Traction control, Pulse throttle operation to improve grip
• A.B.S, pulse braking
• Start throttle, preset at start function
• Engine cut, engine cut off by switch
• Steering mixing, Twin servo mixing of the steering
• Brake mixing, front and rear independent brake control for 1/5GP car, etc.
• Gyro mixing, The sensitivity of Futaba car rate gyros can be adjusted
• 4WS mixing
• Dual ESC, front and rear ESC mixing
• CPS mixing, for Futaba CPS-1 LED controller
• Tank mixing, for use in RC military tanks
• 1-5 Programmable mixes
• Tilt mixing, outboard engine tilt mixing
• Telemetry data screen
• Telemetry Sensor List
• Telemetry sensors setting
• Timers (up, down, lap, or lap navigation timers)
• Lap timer data (lap time, average lap, best lap time) check
• S.BUS servo Link software setting / SR mode setting
• MC (ESC) Link (for MC851C/602C/402CR/950CR/940CR/960CR)
• Roll out chart
• Gear ratio calculation function
• Home (change the function of the HOME button)

Compatible Receivers
T-FHSS SR/T-FHSS (Default) - R334SBS/ R334SBS-E
T-FHSS - R304SB/ R304SBE
S-FHSS - R2104GF/ R204GF-E/ R2008SB/ R2006GS
FASST - R614FS/ R614FF-E/ R604FS/ R604FS-E
Note: R3008SB & T-FHSS Air system receivers do not operate.

Servos Compatible with SR Mode:
The following servos are compatible with Futaba's ultra fast T-FHSS SR transmission system.
BLS371SV, BLS471SV, BLS571SV, BLS671SV, S9372SV, S9373SV, BLS373SV

Box Contents
• Futaba T7XC Transmitter
• Futaba R334SBS
• Dry battery holder (Installed in transmitter)
• Miniature screwdriver
• 3x Receiver plugs
• 1x Ratchet plate
• Printed instruction manual
Model Memory 40
Modulation T-FHSS Surface, T-FHSS SR, S-FHSS, FASST
Receiver Futaba R334SBS (Inc.)
Screen 109mm (4.3") Backlit Colour TFT
Switches 6
Transmission Power 100mW EIRP
Trims 5
Type Stick Radio
Dials 2
Frequency 2.4GHz
Channels 7
LiPo FT2F1700BV2 (Req.)
NiCad/Ni-MH NT5F1800B (Req.)

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