SSP: £7.99
Part No: O-IT1S1P016025A
Intellect 1S 160mAh 25C Li-Po(2pcs)

A large capacity high discharge rate, single-cell Li-Po suitable for many indoor/lightweight models such as those from Kyosho or E-Flite. This is the first high discharge cell of this size and when aligned with the 160mAh capacity you have great performance under load and prolonged life at low currents.

The moulded nose of the cell and the built in plug make it compatible with many of the models and chargers already on the market such as E-Flite. It does not fit the Kyosho charger but will fit many of the Kyosho models.

The packet includes two pieces at an amazing low price.
Capacity 160mAh
Max Continuous Discharge 25C (4A!)
Voltage 3.7v

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