SSP: £50.99
Part No: O-HE3SFE345010A
Hi-Energy 3S1P 3450mAh 10C Li-Fe

Using the latest Li-Fe technology, this pack is ideal for many modern turbines that are supplied without battery and require a 9.9v nominal voltage combined with high capacity in a very compact size. The robust nature of Li-Fe packs means that this is perfect for this demanding duty, as well as for other applications requiring 9.9v supply, and of course most of our latest Sigma EQ chargers have suitable Li-Fe charging circuitry, so are ideally matched.
Lead Length 110mm (Approx)
Watt Hours 34.16Wh
Weight 250g
Capacity 3450mAh
Max Continuous Discharge 10C (34.5A)
Voltage 9.9V
Dimensions 90 x 49 x 29mm

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