SSP: £674.99
Part No: L-OS3A010
O.S. GF30 II Petrol w/F-6040 Silencer

There are many attractive airplanes for 120/150 size 4 stroke glow engines and the GF30II perfectly fits airplanes in this category perfectly. The new 70T carburettor is designed for easy adjustment and stable running. The IG-07 ignition has a new plug cap for easy fitting to the spark plug. The plug cap also moves freely on the spark plug so you can decide on the best angle of it depending on the engine layout. The F-6040 silencer is very efficient and creates the familiar 4-stroke exhaust sound. Linear throttle response is perfect for both scale and aerobatic aircraft. A long awaited radial mount has also been released at the same time as an optional part.

The new PD-09 pump supplies fuel consistently - regardless of the orientation of the aircraft. The carburettor has a built-in regulator. The metering needle and the rotor are modified for easier adjustment and stability.
Weight 1,010g (34.92oz.) - Engine
Weight 113g (3.99oz.) - Silencer
Weight 95g (3.35oz.) - Ignition
Displacement 29.94cc (
Bore 38.0mm (1.496")
Stroke 26.4mm (1.039")
Power Output 2.8ps @ 9,000rpm
Practical RPM 2,500 - 18,000

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