SSP: £424.99
Part No: L-OS38160
O.S. GT15 Petrol with E-4020 Silencer

The GT15 is equivalent in power to an OS 75AX and is designed to fit in place of a .61-.91 engine but give you the efficiency of a petrol engine. The new 61H carburetor design is made specifically for this engine and features an angled needle valve assembly for safer use.

Ignition is provided by a sophisticated unit that is also common to many OS petrol engines. The main HT lead is shielded to prevent spurious emissions and the spark is delivered by a high quality CM-6 spark plug. Not quite a fit and forget system but pretty close!!

OS engines are never the cheapest, but like all things in life, you get what you pay for and every OS is guaranteed to have the very best quality, time after time.
Weight 904g (1.99 lb)
Capacity 14.95cc
Displacement 0.91 (14.95 cc)
Bore 27.7mm (1.090")
Stroke 24.8mm (0.976")
Power Output 2.37 hp (2.4 ps) @ 15,000 rpm
Practical RPM 2,000 - 12,000

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