SSP: £574.99
Part No: L-OS38157
OS Engine O.S. GT15HZ II Petrol w/P.BoostPipe

The GT15HZ, which made its sensational debut as the world's first 15cc gasoline engine exclusively for 700-class helicopters, has been improved and upgraded to the second generation - GT15HZ II. It uses a large machined aluminum heat sink head with deep blue finish. In addition, a machined heat sink is attached to the rear crankcase cover plate to improve cooling performance.

Also available as an engine only - without Powerboost Pipe.
Weight 835g (Engine), 92g (Ignition)
Displacement 14.95cc
Displacement 14.95cc
Bore 27.7mm
Stroke 24.8mm
Power Output 2.8ps (2.76 hp) @ 14,000 rpm
Practical RPM 2,000 - 16,000

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