SSP: £1699.99
Part No: L-OS36108
OS FT-160 Gemini

This is a larger bore version of the original FT120 Gemini - completely redesigned to take advantage of five years' experience with the manufacture of the original model.

The Gemini 160 has a displacement of 26,5cc (1.62cu. in.) and offers greatly improved performance.

Its features include five ball bearings, ringed pistons and a special propeller locknut assembly as standard.

Ideal for large scale and sport models and designed to be used with 15” x 8” to 20” x 6” propellers.
Weight 100g
Propeller Range 20x6 16x8 18x6-8
Displacement 13.26cc x2
Bore 27.7mm
Stroke 22.0mm
Power Output TBA
Practical RPM 2000-10000

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