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SSP: £16.99
Part No: C-GTLSC2
GT Power Car Lighting Set -Flashing

This lighting set has been designed for cars and features 4 setting options; always on or one of three combination flashing sequences to mimic pace cars, low riders, monster trucks - the only limit is your imagination!

A great way to add a new level of scale realism to your models and be extremely easy to install.

Using long life, super-bright (3 & 5mm diameter) LEDs, you won’t fail to see any model they’re installed in! All LEDs or LED combinations have separate plugs fitted, so can be moved around for different lighting combinations!

Power can be drawn from your receiver or a separate power source.

• LED System Control Box 1pc (47*33*12mm)
• 5mm White Light Set (6pcs)
• 3mm Blue Light Set (2pcs)
• 3mm Yellow Light Set (2pcs)
• 3mm Red Light Set (2pcs)
Voltage 4.8 - 6v (Recommend 6V for maximum brightness)

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