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SSP: £34.99
Part No: A-U46
Udi Firefly

Four channel control plus automatic height control. Control is simple to master - all at only the palm size of the big firefly.

Altitude hold mode - even easier to fly.
Altitude hold mode means flying the drone at a specified altitude as it uses barometric control. Using this mode, you can make the drone fly at a consistent height and hover, shoot images from any angle, and more suitable for beginners to control.

Heading hold mode and no more confusion about the direction it is flying in.
When flying, there is no need to know the direction under heading hold mode. If you are concerning about direction in which you are flygn in then you can activate heading hold mode and then fly the drone in this mode.

Low battery alarm and flight status.
When the drone battery is low, the transmitter will sound a seried of beeps to warn you. This reminds you to fly the drone back to yourself and reduce the risk or damage or loss.

Out of range alarm - no lost contact.
When the drone is going to exceed the safe flight range, then the transmitter will sound a series of beeps to warn you. This will allow you to fly within range and avoid an out of control or lost drone.

One buttone take off/landing/emergency stop - intelligent operation.
At any time, you can use a the "One button take off" control and the drone will take off automatically and hold a certain altitude. Of course,if you want to land the drone, you also can use the one button landing feature and the drone will land slowly and automatically until the motors stop running. When an emergency situation occurs, and you need to stop slying at once, then you also can press the Emergency stop button - the motors will stop working at once and the drone will drop immediately.

Integrated guards, protect you and the drone.
The integrated guards are connected with the drone body. They are designed to protect the propellers in a crash and they are good for your safety too.
Height 31.8mm
Length 91mm
Width 80mm
Weight 24g

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