SSP: £99.99
Part No: A-SFMEP30T
Super Flying Model Hawk T-Tail EP Glider ARTF

The SFM Hawk T-Tail ARTF glider is a perfect introduction into RC gliding providing an ARTF model with superb flying qualities featuring an all balsa constructed electric glider with aileron and semi-transparent iron-on covering which is both strong and lightweight.

A pre-built and hinged assembly is easy and has forgiving characteristics when in flight, ideal fun for beginners. The addition of a T-Tail producing slightly different flying characteristics than the conventional SFM Hawk with plenty of clearance for those special landings, think of a barley field!

Wingspan 2000mm (79")
Length 1043mm (41")
Weight 900-1000g (Approx)
Radio System 4 Channels (Req.)
Wing Area 42dm²
LiPo 3S1P 11.1V (Req.)
Electric Motor 2200-12 1000Kv Brushless (Rec.)

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