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SSP: £79.99
Part No: A-SFM8626K
Super Flying Model TRI-40 Kit

NB: Requires Covering, Glues, Hand Tools and assorted modelling equipment to finish

TheTRI-40 II is a perfect introduction into 4 channel radio control flying. This version of the TRI-40 II is supplied in kit format, allowing you to get fully stuck in with the build in the traditional method.

The airframe is built from laser cut parts that slot together with ease creating a finished structure that is both lightweight and rigid. The instructions guide you through the build and the pre-cut parts speed the process up dramatically from wooden kits of the past. Once built you can install your choice of electric or I/C power systems and adding the radio equipment can be completed over a couple of evenings. The kit includes a metal engine mount, spinner, fuel tank, linkage set, plywood electric motor mount, foam wheels and landing gear as well as a comprehensive hardware pack.

The TRI-40 II excells as a trainer and is ectremely stable in a variety of weathers. The low wing loading produces forgiving flight characteristics and the in-built dihedral adds to the stability making it perfect for the novice pilot. Increase the control movements and the TRI-40 II is also capable of sports and aerobatic flying.

• Classic wooden kit construction
• Laser-cut balsa and plywood parts
• Optional flaps
• Comprehensive hardware pack
• Suitable for both GP and EP power systems
• Capable of both sports and novice flying
• Removable battery hatch cover
ESC 60A Brushless (Rec.)
Propeller EP 12x8", GP 11x6", Gas 12x6" (Rec.)
Type Wooden Kit
Wingspan 1600mm (63")
Length 1240mm (48.8")
Weight 1900g (Approx)
Radio System 4-6 Channel (Req.)
IC Engine 10CC Petrol (Rec.)
IC Engine .60 4-Stroke (Rec.)
IC Engine .40 2-Stroke (Rec.)
Wing Area 45 dm2
LiPo 4S1P 3000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor 3520 840KV Brushless (Rec.)

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