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SSP: £49.99
Part No: A-GPMZ4488
RealFlight G6.5 Upgrade (G4 & above)

Upgrade your version* or realflight to the latest G6.5 version.

Realism is in the details — and in RealFlight 6.5, attention to hundreds of small details has produced the most accurate and realistic aircraft performance found in a simulator today.

Now featuring TrueView
TrueView offers the visual impact of full-spectrum daylight, making everything on RealFlight appear the way it would on a day at the field. Colors are brighter, truer and more intense. Contrasts are sharper, not only at the extreme of black and white, but between shades of the same color. Details stand out as never before; canopies are transparent and better defined by reflected light. In the cockpit, TrueView reveals the intricate complexity of an instrument panel more with new clarity.

• Spectacular physics for helis and airplanes
• Smart Binocular Vision activates when your aircraft reaches a set distance and fades away when it’s not needed.
• With RealFlight 6.5, you can changed graphics settings with the ease of a simple slider. What’s onscreen changes as the slider moves, so you can monitor the impact of changes in real time.
• With onscreen camera controls, you can add or move cameras without leaving the screen — or using a menu.

*Suits G4 simulator or above.

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