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Part No: A-GPMZ4115
RealFlight Expansion Pack 5 - G4 or Later

Hone your aerobatic abilities to a razor-sharp edge. Embark on risky rescue missions to remote backcountry locales. Pilot a giant airliner or the AH-64 Apache — then rip the sky apart with the Synergy N9 or T-Rex 500 helicopters...

Expansion Pack 5 includes 18 exciting new aircraft plus three incredibly realistic flying sites. Explore the 3D Sub Base with the enormous Dornier Do-24ATT flying boat, or the float-equipped deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver and Republic RC-3 SeaBee. Then maneuver through the 3D Obstacle Course at the controls of the Great Planes 25% Sukhoi SU-31 and 38% Extra 330S.

In quieter moments, admire the unprecedented detail in every aircraft's looks and movements. Watch the Apache's nose gun move right along with tail rotor input. Exclusive RealPhysics™ simulator technology perfectly captures real-life response, while the 3D fields’ “living” scenery and the PhotoField site's cutting-edge resolution prove once again...

13 new airplanes - 4 new rotary wings
3 new flying sites - and 1 flying hydroplane

• deHavilland Beaver
• Dornier Do-24ATT
• Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
• ElectriFly™ E-Performance Series Reactor™ Bipe
• ElectriFly Pluma™ 3D Biplane
• Great Planes® 25% Performance Series Sukhoi SU-31 GP/EP
• Great Planes 38% Extra 330S
• Great Planes P-40 Warhawk GP/EP
• Krill 39% Katana
• RealFlight Airliner
• Republic RC-3 SeaBee
• RF-97 Sailplane
• Top Flite P-51 Mustang .60
Rotary Wings
• AH-64 Apache Helicopter
• Align T-Rex 500 EP Helicopter
• Maelstrom Marauder Autogyro
• Synergy N9 Helicopter

Flying Fields:
• Obstacle Course 6 - 3D
• Sub Base - 3D
• Superstition Airpark - PhotoField

Amphibious Aircraft:
• Death Foil (flying hydroplane)

Requires RealFlight G4 or Later

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