SSP: £35.99
Part No: A-GPMZ4100
RealFlight Add-Ons Volume 1

Add-Ons Volume One works in conjunction with RealFlight simulator, and retains all of RealFlight's extraordinary features, including:

• Stunning 3D graphics
• Multiple viewpoint options
• Doppler-correct, CD-quality stereo sound
• RealPhysics performance
• Over 200 parameter options

Add-Ons Volume One, with Bonus 3D Terrain Module. Like RealFlight, this CD-ROM disk for Windows 95 and 98 recreates R/C flying on your PC with amazing authenticity. But the features that Add-Ons has to offer have to be seen to be believed.

• Giant Aeromaster
• Big Stik
• Bonanza
• CAP 232
• Spacewalker
• Corsair
• Piper J-3 Cub
• Extra 300S
• Easy Sport 60
• Learjet
• Patriot
• Super Sportster
• AT-6 Texan
• TwinStar

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