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Part No: A-BH109
Black Horse Messerschmitt Bf-109E3 50cc ARTF

The most famous German fighter of WWII was certainly the Messerschmitt Bf-109, and in the early years of the war the 'E' version with it's characteristic stubby nose. Like the Spitfire, the Bf-109 was in production throughout the war and was extensively developed.

The Black Horse version was chosen to be the Bf-109E3 and wears an early 1940 colour scheme of Germany's most famous fighter ace 'Adolf Galland' of JG 9/26 at a time when he had not yet personalised his aircraft. It is very much a contemporary scheme for the Black Horse Hurricane and they make a good dogfight double!!

Just a quick look at the shape and the detail will tell you that Black Horse have pulled out all the stops on this one. The outline is a scale as possible and details like air inlets and the cockpit/pilot set this 109 apart from others on the market. The only real compromise is the location of the retract units/legs and this is purely so that each wing panel can be removed for transportation. Actually, the tailplane halves can also be removed making her easy to fit in most cars.

The Laser cut balsa and ply parts have been lovingly assembled at the factory in multiple jigs by highly skilled workers. The result is strong, yet amazingly light, airframe that helps dramatically to make flying a pleasurable experience. Just look at the quality of the workmanship to see what we mean!

She is a big model and has a solid presence in the air. Control response is positive yet predictable, making scale flying simple to perfom. That slightly wider undercarriage track has the added benefit of reducing the famous '109' tendency to ground loop. Even so, she still requires some respect and careful use of the rudder during take-off and landing. Having said that, it is part of the 'character' and just requires a new technique. Nothing difficult, just different!

The scale flaps work well and help to reduce the landing speed considerably. Getting her in and out of some fairly small flying fields is possible thanks to the low wing loading.Those working oleo legs are designed to absorb the bumps of the average flying filed and aid the whole process of take off and landing.

The colour scheme is created using printed vinyl and paint of GRP and plastic parts. The scheme is fairly accurate and the colours as closely matched to the original as possible. The scale spinner is moulded in GRP with an alumniium backplate for strength and durability. That long cowl is a GRP work of art and the care taken to paint it shows, leaving you in no doubt that this model was created with both skill and love.

If ever you have wanted a practical and scale Bf-109E then Black Horse have surely delivered.
Wingspan 2200mm (86.61in)
Length 1976mm (77.8in)
Weight 8.3 Kg (18.5lbs)
Servos 9 Servos (6kg minimum)
Radio System 7-9 Channel required
Retracts Air system with oleos included
IC Engine 50-55cc Petrol

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