SSP: £789.99
Part No: A-BH105
Black Horse Wyvern S4 50cc ARTF

Now here's a model that you don't see every day. In fact it's probably the first R/C ARTF model of the Wyvern anywhere in the world!

The Westland Wyvern was one of the very last, single propeller aircraft to enter service with the Royal Navy for strike purposes. She was big, powerful and packed a huge punch. Only one survives today and that was the prototype.

Ok, the Black Horse Wyvern does not have the contra rotating scale propellers, although there are some big electric systems on the market that would do the job, so she needs a powerful 50- 55cc petrol engine like the O.S. GT-55 to do her justice and deliver performance. Actually, most of the GT-55 and silencer get swallowed up by the cowl, making a very scale nose area.

Flaps are not scale in shape, but are highly effective during landing. They are capable of big lift and drag, consequently they need strong servo power to operate.

The all wood construction is laser-cut, jig-assembled and then clothed in durable, printed vinyl in a real scale scheme. It's a big model, so the wings, tailplanes and fin are designed to be removable for transport, making the Wyvern a very practical model to carry in a regular estate car of bigger hatchback.

A full set of completely new, all-metal, air retracts are included and the legs are the sprung oleo type. Scale inner wheel well doors are actuated by the wheels as they retract, making a very clean underside when in flight. The tailwheel is fixed but sprung and quite scale looking.

The scale pilot and detailed cockpit are all new and in keeping with all the detail that has been lavished on this model. You even get some external weapons to hang on the wing underside.

The Black Horse Wyvern is a bold statement of 'doing something different' and will certainly turn a lot of heads on your club patch!!
Wingspan 2240mm (88.19")
Length 2050mm (80.71")
Weight 9.3Kg (20.46 lb)
Servos 9 x High Torque, 1 x Std Required
Radio System 6/7 Channel (Req.)
IC Engine 50 - 55cc

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