SSP: £169.99
Part No: A-ARTF6730
Ripmax Easy Street 2 EP ARTF

The Ripmax Easy Street 2 is a stunning sport aerobatic aircraft with the DNA of the classic original Easy Street from the late 90's that inspired this design. With a wingspan of 1120mm the Easy Street 2 is the perfect size for the 3-4S 2100-3000mAh Li-Po batteries that almost every modeller already owns. This practical size enables you to fit the Easy Street 2 into a car fully assembled, but you can remove the wings for easy storage if you want. The sleek design tracks very precisely in flight, with a crisp response from the controls. Using the recommended power pack (A-ARTF6730PP) it can really eat up the sky at speed too!

The original Easy Street was first introduced as a balsa kit and converted by Ripmax into an ARTF back in the early days of EP powered aircraft. In the many years that have passed since the original model, the performance expected of electric models has moved on in leaps and bounds. This new Easy Street is a completely new design, taking the proven format and concept behind the classic model, while taking advantage of modern design and building techniques.

Firstly it is bigger, about 110% of the size of the original airframe to reduce wing loading. The outline is completely new, most noticeably a deeper and more stylish fuselage shape. The wing shape is new also and the tailplane and fin have more area for increased low speed control/response. This new design takes the best from the old concept and delivers a new model that out performs the old design in every way.

The Easy Street 2 is a general use, sport-flying model, the type that you can just throw in the back of the car and fly in almost any weather. In flight it performs like a cross between a sports aerobatic model and a F3A pattern ship. This produces a 'locked in' feel during fast low passes and it tracks straight as an arrow through large aerobatic manoeuvres. The ailerons being the full length of the wing are very powerful at a wide range of speeds and give a crisp response for precision point rolls or smart snap-flicks.

The ARTF structure is made from a combination of balsa and ply which is pre-covered in iron-on film in a bright colour scheme to aid visibility. The build takes only a few hours with the instructions guiding you though every step of the way. We recommend the purpose developed Quantum 25 SPEED brushless motor (M-Q2-25S) with an APC 10x7" electric propeller (E-LP10070E) and a 60A Quantum II ESC (P-QESC60S) if you want to fly using a 3S battery such as the Hi-Energy 3S1P 2100mAh 30C Li-Po (O-HE3S1P220030A). Those who want more power, you can also fly using a 4S pack such as the Hi-Energy 4S1P 2100mAh 30C Li-Po (O-HE4S1P220030A), but you need to change the propeller to a 9x7.5" APC electric (E-LP09075E). You can purchase the motor and ESC as a special 'Power Pack' deal using the part number A-ARTF6730PP.

• Sleek high speed design
• Precision flying characteristics, like a pattern ship!
• Large hatch for easy battery access
• 2 Piece wings for easy storage
• Factory built balsa and ply structure
• Pre-covered in iron-on film
• Pre-Painted fibreglass cowl
• Suitable for 3S or 4S power using the recommended power pack (A-ARTF6730PP)
• Classic design re-imagined

Included in the Box
• Pre-covered balsa/ply airframe
• Fibreglass cowling
• Large moulded access hatch
• Strong composite spar
• Comprehensive hardware pack
• Plastic spinner
• A4 Colour instruction manual

Required to Complete
• Easy Street 2 Power Pack comprising a 25 Speed motor & 60A ESC (A-ARTF6730PP)
• APC Electric Propeller (E-LP10070E on 3S) or (E-LP09075E on 4S)
• Hi-Energy 3S1P 11.1V 2100-3000mAh 30C Li-Po (O-HE3S1P220030A, O-HE3S1P270030A, O-HE4S1P220030A or O-HE3S1P270030A)
• 4x New Power Mini Servos (P-NEWXL17HMB) or Quartz Q203/Q204.
• 2 x 200mm Extension Leads (P-CJ0200CSTD or P-CF0200CSTD)
• 2.4GHz 4-5 Channel Tx & Rx Combo
• Suitable Battery Charger
• Various Hand Tools
Wingspan 1120mm (44")
Length 970mm (38.2")
Weight 1170 - 1280g (41.3 - 45.2oz)
Servos 4x New Power XL-17HMB (Req.)
Radio System 4 - 5 Channel (Req.)
Wing Area 19.60 dm² (303.82 in²)
Wing Loading 59.7 - 65.4g/dm² (19.6 - 21.4 oz/ft²)
Propeller Range 10x7" APC E on 3S, 9x7.5" APC E on 4S (Req.)
LiPo Hi-Energy 3S - 4S 2100-3000mAh 30C (Req.)
Electric Motor Quantum II 25 Speed Brushless (Req.)
Speed Controller Quantum 60A Brushless ESC (Req.)

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